LETTER: Deepest gratitude for medical care

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Your letters

In these days when we hear so much about the poor care given to older people in the National Health Service, I feel I must place on record what my husband and I have found.

My husband was taken ill at the end of last year and since that time we have seen our GP at Park Surgery on several occasions, have been referred to both our local heart consultant and respiratory consultant at Horsham Hospital, have had x-rays, blood tests and scans at Horsham, Crawley and the Heart Hospital in London.

On every occasion we were treated with the utmost kindness, courtesy and compassion. At no time was it even intimated to us that because my husband was approaching 90 years of age he was not worth bothering about. These comments apply also to all the ancillary staff with whom we have come into contact.

Of course I cannot speak for other areas but I feel we are so fortunate in Horsham to have this sort of medical care and my husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the doctors and nurses with whom we have been involved and to put on record our feelings about the National Health Service.


Conifers Close, Horsham