Letter: Dangerous logic

Your views
Your views

I attended the Fire Service Public Meeting (Thursday) - albeit briefly (see page 5 for story). This morning, I completed the ‘monkey’ online public consultation questionnaire (deadline today, Friday), but no confirmation on completion to be reassured it went through OK.

It was astonishing the amount of personal questions asked in the questionnaire - I thought I was going to be asked how many times I had sex per week! And one’s name can be clearly and easily identified by giving the postcode!

These were my comments:

“Referring to the Consultation document “A fire service for the future” - Pages 5 & 11.

“I don’t see the logic - in theory or in practice - of Proposal 4 (eg ‘Closure of retained unit and removal of 3rd fire engine at Crawley’ and ‘ten retained firefighter posts at Crawley would be removed’), when parts of Crawley have a Critical Risk Category of “Very High”.

“If there is logic to this, it is very dangerous, near-insane logic - clearly suggesting these “Proposals” have nothing to do with safety and prevention of death and injury, and everything to do with political ideology, cutting costs and saving money”. Roll on the day when this town (and possible future city) becomes a unitary authority, independent of the county council - just like Brighton!

Richard W Symonds, Ifield