Letter: Dangerous Crawley tree

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Your views

Please could I through your paper thank Peter Smith, Labour Councillor for Ifield and Ifield West for the speedy way in which he dealt with a potentially dangerous tree.

During the storms last month a large oak tree was uprooted and ended up leaning dangerously against another oak. I was unable to use my parking spaces for fear of the tree landing not only on my car but on my son and I, my neighbour was also unable to use their garden.

I emailed Peter Smith on Thursday 16th January explaining the situation and asking for his help, he contacted Crawley Borough Council, by Monday 20th their tree man had visited and decided that the tree needed to be made safe as a matter of urgency, within hours their contractors were indeed doing what they were asked to do.

By the afternoon I was able to use my parking spaces and my neighbours felt safe again going into their garden. I never expected that the situation would be dealt with so quickly and for that I am extremely grateful, so thank you Peter Smith.

Linda Healy Crawley