LETTER: Daleks would be a fitting tribute

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Your letters

There seem to be rumours going around about the demise of the Shelley Fountain, to the extent that people are writing in with suggestions for replacements.

I personally quite like the fountain, and wish it would be repaired, but if it is to go, then let’s do something interesting with the space.

In Woking, there are a number of fantastic sculptures around the town, most notably a giant Martian War Machine from H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (the Martians first landed nearby in the book). In Ipswich, where I grew up, there is a statue of Grandma from the Giles cartoons which appeared for many years in the Daily Express.

So if they can celebrate those, why not use the space to celebrate one of the most iconic elements of British popular culture - the Dalek? Ray Cusick, the man who designed the look of the Daleks in 1963, lived in Horsham before his death last year, and yet we still don’t have a Dalek statue anywhere in the town, which in my mind is a missed opportunity.

It would be a fitting tribute to have a squad of Daleks terrorising shoppers in the square; we could even include a sofa for people to hide behind, just like we did when we were kids watching them on TV.

James Smith

2015 Horsham parliamentary candidate for Something New

Greenfinch Way, Horsham