LETTER: Cyclists driven to use footpaths

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Your letters

Many of the perceived problems of cyclists ignoring ‘no cycling’ signs would be solved by the provision of decent properly designed cycle routes.

What cyclists are currently provided with in Horsham is a horrible mixture of shared pavement, on road and off road routes which are often not clearly marked, confusing and inconvenient.

It is perhaps therefore not surprising that, faced with the lack of pleasant and safe routes and the hostility and casual negligence of some motorists, many cyclists choose to use the footpath.

Cyclists do currently use routes such as Horsham’s West Street to move through the town centre because the alternative is Albion Way, a non-direct urban motorway where the speed limit of 30 mph is rarely adhered to.

I am not seeking to defend or excuse reckless cycling in close proximity to pedestrians; wherever a cyclist is riding they should exercise due care and caution and I strongly condemn the minority of cyclists who do not behave sensibly and endanger others.


Trafalgar Road, Horsham