LETTER: Cycle and road campaign conflict

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On Wednesday 25th March, West Sussex County Council’s leader Louise Goldsmith launched a headlining campaign to attract cyclists, walkers and people who love the great outdoors to West Sussex – a brilliant way to boost our businesses as well as the local economy – the campaign publicity states.

And it is, a great, worthwhile campaign and perfectly suited to West Sussex with its areas of outstanding natural beauty. There was even mention by their slick advertising agency from London, that plans are afoot to promote car-free holidays, by talking to South West Trains about providing more space for bicycles.

Unfortunately there is one gaping, hypocritical flaw in the campaign.

Louise Goldsmith is also the campaign co-ordinator for A27 Action, who are pushing through plans, regardless of the dubious quality of their research, to make the A27 a super highway east to west along the south coast.

At Arundel, for example, they have rejected any improvements that may be possible with the existing road and are instead backing plans that will result in a nine metre high, 30 metre wide concrete bridge across the Arun Valley and a dual carriageway through the ancient woodland of Binsted Woods, part of which is the South Downs National Park.

Both these areas, aside from being of outstanding natural beauty, are also currently, widely enjoyed by walkers and cyclists.

The duplicity of West Sussex County Council is absolutely breathtaking. How can the residents of West Sussex trust that either campaign is being carried out with their best interests at heart and are not just cynical ways of attracting more funding from Government directives?


London Road, Arundel