Letter: Crawley surgery saga

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Your views

The Leacroft Patient Support Group (LSG) felt compelled to respond to Councillor Mullins’ ill timed and ill conceived comments made in the Crawley Observer dated 9th July.

To remind your readers, the extreme weather conditions (strong winds and torrential rain) on Christmas Eve caused severe damage to the roof of Leacroft Surgery in Langley Green. Not only was there lots of external damage to the building including the roof, damage to the interior building resulted in the surgery not being fit for purpose.

The initial delays from the Landlord (Leacroft rents the building) and insurers resulted in no work being progressed for several weeks despite the amount of pressure that was being applied by Leacroft Surgery’s Management Team and the LSG. Eventually, scaffolding, a temporary roof and side curtains were fitted to allow building to be thoroughly dried out before any remedial work could begin.

It was only been very recently that the approval to progress with the remedial work has been given. Following a tender progress which is currently underway, we hope that work will commence on the building within the next few weeks, allowing the surgery to be back up and running by the end of the year/early January.

The Practice and LSG alike have been extremely disappointed by the sheer lack of support from Cllr Mullins in supporting the surgery and its patients during what can only be described as extremely unique circumstances. No effort has been made to seek out what help and assistance could be offered which includes helping to support the surgery voice it’s concern at a national level with regards to the critical nature of the situation.

The medical and practice staff have worked tirelessly to provide alternative premises since Christmas Eve.

The conditions staff were working under were extremely arduous and praise should be given to the staff for the dedication they have shown patients. Now being based at Cross Keys House in the town centre, Leacroft Medical Practice is now offering a comprehensive service to meet the needs of it’s patients.

It’s extremely disappointing to see Councillor Mullins trying to make political gain out of a disaster rather than use his power and influence in a positive way such as bringing pressure on NHS Sussex and England as requested over 7 months ago.

The Surgery and the LSG have been working tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for staff and patients alike. We have always been open to corresponding and meeting with anyone requiring a status up-date on the current situation and this will continue to be the case.

Perhaps Councillor Mullins should bear this in mind before making such upsetting and frankly factually incorrect information public. We would also like to thank the other councillors especially Councillor Brenda Smith and her colleagues for their ongoing support.

Leacroft Patient Support Group (LSG)