Letter: Crawley Observer happy to help out

Your views
Your views

May I take this opportunity to thank you and the readers of the Crawley Observer for all the help given to Crawley Lions Club.

When I mentioned to your chief reporter Karen Dunn that we could do with some books to restock our secondhand book stall at Gatwick Railway Station and if there was space in your newspaper we would appreciate a mention of this.

We never expected the response we had. My telephone has been red hot and so has my car travelling around Crawley picking up 100’s of books.

Needless to say we can keep going for a few months. The book stall is bringing in approx £45 /£50 a week and of course every penny goes to charity.

A big thank you to Crawley people and yourself for all help given. Charity is very much alive in Crawley.

Lion Gary Davies, Crawley Lions Club