Letter: Crawley Carnival parade

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Your views

The photos on pages 34 & 35 of June 18 Crawley Observer brought back many memories of the floats used in Crawley Carnival during the 60s and 70s.

My father drove a lorry for APV and most years his and other lorries in APVs fleet would be used by various groups and clubs around the town for their floats.

On page 34 the “Bangers and Mash” float (pictured) is an APV lorry although I do not know which club or group the float represents. And on page 35 the light blue lorry with the “Flower Show” float is a lorry from APV Paramount who were a subsidiary of the main APV group.

This lorry would have been driven by its regular driver Malcolm Woods of Chelwood Gate.

All the drivers would take great pride in having their vehicles used in the parade, Their services were of course given free of charge as was the use of the vehicles

Sadly with H&S requirements and fuel costs I doubt if these scenes could be repeated nowadays.

Stuart Wilson, via email