LETTER: Councillors who won’t buckle

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Your letters

Your article ‘Cabinet system review delay due to ‘feverish atmosphere’’ (Horsham edition, 10.7.14, p48) explained how Cllr Philip Circus had in the face of one letter in your paper changed his mind about whether a review of the Cabinet system was needed. It sounds pretty feeble to me.

Cllr Circus of course set the hares running when at a Scrutiny meeting just six weeks ago he called for a return to the Committee System (‘Cabinet System to be examined’, WSCT, 5.6.14) in a futile and narcissistic attempt to repair his own personally discredited reputation and to curry favour with his voters. It is worthy of note that the return to the Committee system is a UKIP policy.

But then once Cllr Circus had spoken to Cllr Dawe (as he was reported as saying he had done so), Cllr Circus miraculously then changed his mind at the Scrutiny meeting on 7 July (WSCT, 10.7.14, p48). Like any politician who doesn’t really want something, Cllr Dawe is reported to have said to Mr Circus, that the idea could be discussed next year after the council elections. So we know where that idea will go now.

Of course this is not dissimilar to how Cllr Baldwin has said on a number of occasions that he doesn’t like the North Horsham plan but yet when push came to shove he abstained on the key vote... which counted as ‘yes’.

We don’t need councillors that vacillate when it comes to taking hard decisions. We need more councillors like Liz Kitchen, Christian Mitchell, Peter Burgess, Simon Torn and Josh Murphy who won’t buckle on their principles under the oppressive leadership of Cllr Dawe and Helena Croft.


Tennyson Close, Horsham