LETTER: Contribution to lost CIL money

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Your letters

I read your piece ‘Chief executive denies ‘cooking up’ office move’.

It was good to see Mr Crowley being forceful about something - ‘That is absolute nonsense’ and again ‘I will deny what Councillor Costin has just said. It’s untrue’.

I have never really been aware of him being forceful about the flawed housing plan which Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Rae, Croft ‘cooked up’ or any other issue.

These days chief executives are paid - many voters would probably agree – too much money for what they appear to do.

We have very little idea of what the chief exec of HDC actually does for the money and those attending council meetings rarely see the chief exec contribute.

If we are moving to a unitary authority (which Mr Crowley dismisses as ‘absolute nonsense’) with the merger of HDC and WSCC – we would only need one chief exec and that would make a contribution to making up the lost CIL money (agreed by HDC on Mr Crowley’s watch) identified by C. Morris in his letter.


Wordsworth Place, Horsham