LETTER: Contemptuously ignored views

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Francis Maude in his letter (WSCT May 23) glosses over the fact that in Horsham District nowadays, far less account is given to the opinions of local people in the matter of housing development, than was the case before the Coalition Government entered office.

Indeed, the views of we the electorate, along with those of our local politicians are contemptuously ignored. This is because the Bristol-based Planning Inspectorate has adopted the habit of riding roughshod over the decisions of our district council, no doubt at the behest of government, giving the impression that the vaunted Conservative concept of localism is a hollow, meaningless sham.

Any sane and rational person knows that there must be development, but what most people seem to want is a steady, ordered process rather than a deluge of brick and concrete overwhelming them, as is now taking place. In the matter of development within Horsham District, I get the impression that most of the electorate would accept evolution but utterly reject the revolution to which we are being subjected.

There are many areas of government where crass errors, faulty judgements and outright stupidities can be put right in due course, but that is hardly the case where prime farmland, green fields, trees and hedgerows have been concreted over or ripped out in the real interest of profit for just a few.

That is an enduring horror that the population of Horsham District will have to live with now and in the future and I will remind Francis Maude of the words of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar: “the good that men do is oft’ interred with their bones, the evil lives after them. So let it be with Caesar.”


Elections Organiser for UKIP (Horsham Branch)

The Coopers, Itchingfield