LETTER: Consider needs of the patients

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Your letters

Regarding the proposed sacrifice of Horsham surgeries, I presume that when the present surgeries were built the needs of the patient base from the point of view of ease of access were taken into account.

Horsham is growing and the need for increased provision is pressing, particularly in the areas where the planners have permitted development to the west of the A24 and now realise the effect of what they have done.

Broadbridge Heath requires better provision, and the needs of the existing community there will be best attended to by the building of a new medical facility.

But what about the patients who reside to the east of the A24.

The choice of practice for a considerable core of us - the customer/patients of the Horsham practices - was mainly driven by surgery location. For us the ripping away of a service which best suited us is a no-brainer!

The needs of the people living within the embrace of Horsham to the east of the A24 are served best precisely where the practices currently are.

A welcome increase in capacity in those Horsham practices could result from the opportunity which a new facility would provide for the existing Broadbridge Heath residents to migrate to a more local practice.

I protest at the cavalier approach which proposes to uproot a vital service which suits me fine, thereby imposing the need to travel out of town. The roads to Broadbridge Heath are going to be busy enough without the necessary buses to ferry non-drivers!

No consideration appears to have truly been given to patient need or customer convenience.

The pattern of where customers of the existing practices currently live must be a relevant factor. May I suggest that a professional study is done of the Horsham based customer/patient to determine OUR wishes.

What is being proposed is not the right solution, and I do not wish to see it imposed.


Cedar Close, Horsham