LETTER: Concern at lack of consultation

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Your letters

I am a resident of the relatively new development called Pines Ridge behind Farthings Hill Vets in Horsham and my garden will back the land where the new running track is proposed to be built.

Pines Ridge has been occupied now for about two and a half years, yet on all of the pictures printed in the County Times of the proposed Broadbridge Heath development we are not there.

Even worse the new houses built about two years prior which extend Farthings Walk and some of which will also back the field where the running track will be are also not there. These residents have not been included in the consultation process, we have not had details through the doors requesting our planning consent or showing plans and we are concerned.

As residents we would naturally like to know details - will there be flood lighting and when will it go off? Will there be a stadium and where will it be? Who will use the running track and when? Where will the changing rooms, toilets and parking be located? When will it be built?

This running track will be in close proximity to our back fences so causing security and privacy concerns, possible flood lighting will affect the bedrooms of the houses, lights and noise will affect children sleeping, cars will cause noise and fume pollution and as users will not be CRB checked so does this put at risk the children of Tanbridge House School that share the grounds?

I rang the Horsham planning department who denied knowledge of the running track and said that it would not need planning permission unless there was flood lighting and that I should keep an eye on the planning portal.

This is not good enough! The council need to acknowledge the existence of residents of Pines Ridge and Farthings Walk by putting us on the plans, including us in consultations, putting letters through the door explaining details and offering us a meeting to discuss details, concerns and view plans.

It is very different having a school field behind your house as opposed to a public use area and residents need to know more as we are also concerned that it will also devalue our properties. It is simply not good enough that the council are carrying on as though we are not here.


Pines Ridge, Horsham