LETTER: Common sense of councillors

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Your letters

It was a huge disappointment to learn that Horsham District Council’s planning department was once again recommending the building of a crematorium in West Grinstead, this despite significant sustained opposition from the whole of West Grinstead and much of Cowfold and the surrounding areas for associated issues.

It was though much better news that with the exception of one, every councillor rejected the proposal as they did many months ago.

The recommendation report produced by the council was bias to the extreme, and having previously been rejected with no fundamental changes it seems a complete waste and misuse of all our tax payers’ money to have such an elongated process which discounted the whole community, and worse still the views of the councillors and their reasons for the previous rejection (there is no need).

It is also the first planning meeting I am aware of, with such significant community interest, that had moved to during the working day, a further hindrance for local community representation, but the not the business it represented.

Thank goodness for the common sense and pragmatism of our councillors. West Grinstead can now return to being the peaceful village it has always been, and remain part of the countryside, enjoyed by many for the Downlink.


Park Lane, West Grinstead