LETTER: Colour is needed to cheer us up!

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Your letters

Having viewed the bamboos which have at last appeared in Horsham’s West Street, I assumed that this was the start and more planters would follow to bring the street back into bloom.

However I have just read Sue Brundish’s letter in the WSCT of August 21 and it seems that the bamboos are all that we are going to get! Such a large amount has been wasted on the ‘improvement’ of West Street that surely a bit of additional colour would have been much more important.

We need to present a cheery bright town to our visitors of all nationalities, only a few of whom are Japanese. Do they have Christmas trees in Japan, I wonder?

The Bishopric waterfall and trees are such a pleasant and calming area. I do hope that it is not about to be ruined when the new out-of-town shopping precinct is built. When the Shelley Fountain (another big waste of money) has gone, it would be sensible to replace it with a conventional fountain retaining the existing circular flowerbed which is a colourful centre point.

So many towns have now become aware of the importance of colourful flowers. We could easily be left behind on something that we recognised in earlier days with Horsham In Bloom. Our HIB committee have won us so many prizes over the years that their knowlege and experience is invaluable to the town and should be sought by the council when planning new ventures.

As for local inhabitants, with the prospect of having to travel further to shops, surgeries, etc. moving from our town centre, we need an abundance of colour to cheer us up!


Highlands Avenue, Horsham