LETTER: Club’s ownership of its own destiny

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Your letters

After the euphoria of a stay of execution for the Horsham Indoor Bowls Club we are in that melee period now of ‘what has been achieved’?

Sandwiched between gratitude that the council are beginning to see reason but acutely aware that we are being drip fed back part of what was already ours in the first place. It is like asking the lion if he is grateful for the security of the 2-3 acres within a zoo after being removed from the heart of Africa!

Horsham Bowls Club has a successful youth group, performing well in their competitions with the guidance of the senior members of the club and Horsham council have declared their backing for resources for that age group as part of their priorities for the governance of the area in their policy documentation.

However from information I glean from council resources it is expected that the number of young approx between 19-30 will remain the same by 2025. The number of older people expected to increase!

Therefore a permanent solution for a single activity that caters equally for both those age groups would seem a simple solution for the future. You have that in the Bowls Club.

Horsham Indoor Bowls Club is run along ‘club’ principles that nurture the young and older alike and provides social needs in the way of a low priced restaurant, bar, side attractions like Bridge, dances etc, and is run by the members for the members.

It has worked successfully in the past and given the chance will continue that way. To do that it must retain its independence. That independence would be diluted if combined with a commercial enterprise whose motives are not entirely the same.

To enable the bowls club to function successfully if sharing a building with a separate commercial enterprise it must have ownership of its own destiny. This includes the bowling green, bar, restaurant, locker/changing rooms, reception etc, in a self contained way - in fact have its own front door.

Jonathan Chowen, Horsham council, thank-you for this one big step for mankind. Now please finish the job!


Skylark View, Horsham