LETTER: Choice to stand is eminent sense

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Your letters

It seems from page 37 of last week’s WSCT, that a sitting councillor Roy Cornell, may have been disturbed at the Parliamentary Candidate’s appearance as a prospective District Councillor in Roffey South.

However, Roger Arthur did not move wards because he was de-selected by his party (because he wasn’t) and he has given strong support to North Horsham residents. Also, unlike some other Parliamentary Candidates, he has lived in Horsham District for many years.

As a District Councillor since 2007, he will have been in Horsham many times per week and it made eminent sense for the Horsham Parliamentary Candidate to stand in a Horsham Ward.

He supported residents over the provision of facilities at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and has been working for Horsham residents for a long time.

Mr Arthur spoke at the HDPF Review by the Planning Inspector and has confronted indiscriminate development.

Uri Baran,

UKIP candidate for Broadbridge Heath ward, Horsham District Council

West Way, Slinfold