LETTER: Charges will kill off town centre

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Your letters

I have lived in the Horsham area for many years and during that period I have seen Horsham grow and develop into the wonderful cosmopolitan town that it now is; with its huge range of restaurants, pedestrian precincts and shops.

The only fly in the ointment is its diabolical parking policy. If Horsham District Council do not want to kill off this Golden Goose, they need to completely rethink their parking policy and review the management involved.

It seems to me that the main motivation for that department is to extract as much money as the can out of Joe Public, at the minimum cost to them. The pay meters at Denne Road have not been working correctly for months. The lifts in Piries Place keep breaking down and the pay machines keep breaking. And now we have the new ‘state of the art’ payment system in Swan Walk (which incidentally broke down today) which offers nothing for the shopper and will probably mean another price hike, where most people think that £2.40 an hour is already too much. The evening surcharge for restaurant goers was, for me the last straw.

I think enough is enough and if this department carries on in this cavalier way, you are going to kill off one of the best town centres in the South East.

Colin Smith

Coos Lane, Slaugham