LETTER: Chance to solve serious problem

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Your letters

As a resident in the area that actually borders alongside the proposed North Horsham development - as opposed to the majority of those objectors who do not live within sight of it – I do believe there will be long term benefits if the Government Inspector finally approves the plan.

Langhurstwood Road will become an important factor in the new road system within the North Horsham development. It is intended that this small agricultural road will be blocked off and this is most welcome news.

For far too long the combined density of traffic including vast heavy duty lorries carrying Sussex waste from Brighton and Worthing etc, the steady flow of brick lorries from the manufacturing site, the exodus of other lorries to / from the BIFFA landfill site, and the steady growth of vans and suchlike from the many small industrial businesses on the Graylands Estate, have led to an intolerable situation along this road.

The Highways Agency have twice over the past decade considered building a new alternative but financial constraints each time deterred them from action. Now the golden opportunity to solve this really serious and steadily growing problem can finally be grasped.

Councillor Vickers and her planning team should be congratulated on securing a deal with Liberty International who will cover the cost of building a NEW Langhurstwood Road which will be fit for purpose in handling such aforementioned traffic as well as being integrated with the new housing development as set out in the detailed plan.

Hopefully the Government Inspector will agree also - thereby facilitating its construction sometime next year.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham