Letter: Caring staff at Crawley home

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Your views

As a resident of Crawley for 59 years, I had hoped that my mother would end her days in her own home but due to an accident, we all agreed that it would be safer for her in a residential home and we were delighted, after respite care at Rowfant House, to find a place for her there.

What a wonderful place it is, with all the caring staff. We were devastated to learn this year that Rowfant House had been put on the market and may be lost for ever to our community. After tireless work by all involved, it has been saved and I would like through the pages of your paper to say a big thank you to all involved.

To the resident’s relatives who, like me, kept their parents there despite the uncertainty clinging to the hope it would be saved, to the fabulous staff, headed by the most wonderful man running the care home, who stayed in their jobs, not leaving a possible “sinking ship”. Before the initial terrible news, we had all decided that this was the place we would like to spend our last days if it came to it and hopefully this will be a possibility - who knows, all the relatives of the residents may end up there together! Again, thank you, particularly to one individual who had belief in Rowfant - you know who you are, but we are yet to find out. Please, please, Crawley residents help to keep us on track and support Rowfant House for the future. There are many events coming up, a beer festival on 15 and 16 November - I do not believe at the moment that there are the funds for extensive advertising so come and support the event.

Mrs J K Neal, Furnace Green