Letter: Car park layout ‘dangerous’

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Your letters

I feel Sainsbury’s should perhaps look more closely at the definition of `improvement’ for not only is the `new’ car park layout far from improved, it is now also considerably more dangerous than before!

To start by apparently removing some 40 spaces at a time when the store is expanding, surely indicates they are not exactly forward thinking here!

To have now remarked it completely differently with altered priorities from before and to have introduced 2-way through lanes is truly insane!

Most people drive bonnet first into bays to allow for easy unloading from trolley to boot – to now have to consider traffic from 2 directions whilst exiting a space is not only an unnecessary added hazard, but must undoubtedly slow the whole system down by drivers having to be more observant!

I’m given to understand people are now reversing into spaces to help overcome this, but this then makes loading the shopping a nightmare!

You only have to look at Tesco’s layout in Burgess Hill to see how much better a one-way system works!

The `calming’ humps on the Burrell Road entrance are a complete joke as they are far less effective and can be driven straight over at some speed without slowing vehicles at all and to have not put further calming measures on the through lanes elsewhere means there is no realistic calming anywhere, so the 5mph limit is laughable!

Without having done an exact space count I would also suggest that the disabled/parent & child area seems disproportionately larger than it need be too!

There also appears to be several areas that now have no function other than to be wasting valuable space behind bollards! If this is the best that management and planners can come up with there is little hope for us! – people are certainly justified to be taking their business elsewhere until this dangerous situation is remedied and the sooner Waitrose gets its act together after all the promises and delays, the better!It’s not as if Sainsbury’s don’t have other role models to seek example from, so what are they thinking of!I can only hope that while the store is closed shortly, the opportunity is taken to address this fiasco and get things back in sensible and more importantly, SAFE order!

Jerry Mitchell