LETTER: Bypass is vital to ease congestion

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Your letters

I read with dismay the recent letter by Simon Gray to the County Times criticising the forthcoming planned, funded and much needed Arundel bypass.

He and his anti-bypass cohorts, who represent a small minority of Arundel residents, consistently carp and criticise with their phoney and baseless arguments.

Extensive research has been carried out by the transport authorities, with accurate information collected on traffic flows and solutions given in various public reports.

It has been clearly demonstrated that there is no other solution to resolving the chronic traffic congestion, where 80 per cent of which is passing traffic.

He cites a nine metre high, 30 metre wide concrete bridge across the Arun Valley passing through an ancient (not ancient at all) woodland of Binsted Woods, none of which is true.

In fact, no details have yet been released to the public because the transport department has yet to finalise those details. There will be full public consultation when the residents of Arundel shall have their say.

Simon Gray wishes to shut down any debate by pre-empting the A27 bypass information which is yet to be given to the public and which does not agree with his impossible and unacceptable ideas, that all we need to do is to dis-invent the motor car and to go back to relying on bicycles and walking.

Arundel’s economic survival relies on the majority of residents working up to 30 miles away and them bringing those salaries into the town!

Simon Gray does not have the monopoly in wishing to keep Arundel and its surrounding countryside as it is. It is time that Simon Gray woke up to reality and withdrew his objections!


Prospective Conservative candidate for Arundel and Walberton Ward, Maltravers Street, Arundel