LETTER: Britain works together well

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Ray Dawe’s piece in WSCT December 12 December about Scotland was very disappointing. It is just the sort of mean-spirited and divisive ‘English’ attitude that gives Scots a good reason to leave the United Kingdom.

It has long been the case that the richer parts of the United Kingdom have subsidised the poorer parts. Obviously the net subsidy has to change from time to time and the Barnett formula may be a bit out of date.

It may be fair to say that Clydeside and Tyneside need a big subsidy but Manchester and Edinburgh do not, and it is a good idea to allow local decision making to divvy out the sums in Scotland. To split up the United Kingdom into England, Wales and Scotland for the purposes of making political points is very destructive.

I was born and brought up here in West Sussex, a relatively rich area, and have lived and worked in Tyneside and Edinburgh, but I have never thought of myself as English.

The concept of England only had relevance for a short period of medieval history, but has had no relevance for many centuries. I am British.

The various areas of the United Kingdom have worked together well for a very long time; we ran almost half the world together for 200 years.

Let us look forward positively and not descend into petty politics and back-biting.


Emms Lane, Brooks Green, Horsham