LETTER: Britain best served by tolerant society

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Your letters

Mr Glennon’s letter in the WSCT of June 20 [Immigration is bursting Britain] should not go unchallenged.

Quite obviously he has some issue with reading content which does not bode well for his role in needing to master briefs in the council! Mr Price’s letter clearly stated that UKIP ‘represent some 8 per cent of those entitled to vote in West Sussex’ not who voted for UKIP when the turn out in the county elections was barely 30 per cent. It is a good job Mr Glennon did not teach maths!

Mr Glennon complains about the high workload of teachers which I well understand myself having been one. However, he forgets that many in society work very long hours in challenging positions, often involving long distance travelling and extended periods away from home. At least teachers get the benefit of up to 14 weeks holiday a year and the prospect of earlier retirement with index linked pensions to look forward to.

There is certainly nothing ‘fair or liberal’ in the values or policies (such as they are) put forward by UKIP. The UK has a proud tradition of being a haven for the persecuted and threatened including Huguenots, Jews and Ugandan Asians. Also of being a tolerant open society in marked contrast to the right wing intolerant isolationism of UKIP seeking to persecute minorities and attribute all the ills of society including a shortage of housing, on incomers; a frightening parallel with 1930s Europe.

The interests of the British people are best served in an open, tolerant society which welcomes diversity and supports those in greatest need through no fault of their own. A society where people can prosper, apply their intellect and talents and feel safe regardless of background, race, colour or creed; not one that seeks to discriminate because of ethnic or geographic origin.

Let’s leave it there.

Godfrey Newman

(LDem) Horsham district councillor for Forest, Horsham