LETTER: Bowls players totally ignored

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Your letters

I have been a member of the Horsham and District Indoor Bowls Club for about eight years and after reading the report on the plans for the Quadrant at Broadbridge Heath, I am writing to show my anger at a change of mind for the provision of a bowls centre.

Currently there are 400-plus members of Horsham District Bowls Club and we also have a thriving junior section. Where is Jonathan Chowen going to place these members to whom bowls is a sport, leisure pursuit and a social activity? Presumably he is expecting us to use another club many miles away from where we live.

We haven’t been given a thought in the new plans, although we were promised we would be included within the new leisure centre. All Mr Chowen and his council members are interested in is money and not the well being of 400-plus people old and young who enjoy playing bowls.

We bowls players have been totally ignored and disregarded in the new plans. I would like Mr Chowen to show some respect and recognise our plight as in 2016 we may not have a bowls club due to being left out of these new plans. I would also like to ask Mr Chowen how often he would use the new proposed running track, never I suspect.


Newbridge, Wisborough Green