LETTER: Bowls challenge for councillors

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Your letters

We are shocked and angered at the news that the Horsham and District Indoor Bowls Club will be razed to the ground in order to provide a site to build the new leisure facility.

The council will be able to say it kept its promise by providing new facilities before demolishing the old building.

Unfortunately we the bowls club naively believed their promise to us to also incorporate a bowls facility within that same building; they even discussed plans and asked what our needs would be. The original plan being that the leisure centre would be built just behind the bowls club.

Our bowls club will be 20 years old in 2015; it is a thriving and successful club producing County and National players.

We have the reputation for being one of the best eight rink indoor bowls clubs in West Sussex, and are able to regularly host County and Southern Area bowls finals.

We have an approximate membership of 400, with the age range between eight and 98 (no this is not an exaggeration), bowling keeps people of all ages fit and active and also creates social opportunities; not everyone is able or interested in playing other sports.

Please support our appeal to maintain an indoor bowls facility in Horsham – bowls is not a dying sport and is not just for the old and infirm.

We are realistic and know we may not be provided with such fantastic facilities in the future, which, by the way, are the envy of many of our visitors, but we do need to be able to create a proper bowls club so that we can go on hosting 90 or so matches each year.

Finally I would like to invite/challenge all the councillors who will make the decision on the future of our bowls club to come along and try the game, and then they will at least have some idea of what they are talking about.


Chair, Summer Committee, HDIBC, Cootes Avenue, Horsham