LETTER: Bombarded by aircraft noise

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Your letters

Imagine: in a nice quiet village in the country, it is Sunday morning and for the nine years we have lived in our house all we can hear is sounds of birdsong and the occasional car. This was the reality three weeks ago.

Now imagine the reality on Sunday the 9th March: woken up at 06.15 by a low flight then bombarded by six more, all in the space of 25 minutes right over my house.

I would like to log each one as a noise complaint and maybe someone would like to sleep here and explain to my children why we are being bombarded every morning and then lulled into a false sense of security and then again it will start about 08.00 until the rest of the day. Oops sorry got it wrong here is another flight.

Instead of a faceless noiseline why do they not come and answer these questions.

I have three children who now are affected by this and am still trying to understand how you need planning for a tree house which affects no one but you can change a flight path and no one has to let anyone know.

The question for today is – do we go out so that we have some peace and quiet or do some gardening and come indoor with the sound of plane noise ringing in my ears.

Be brave enough – come an stay with me and see how is it affecting us – we NEVER had flights going over us and now I feel that we are living in Gatwick north.


Marches Road, Warnham