Letter: Better commuter bus service needed

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I wish to clarify the information about the 63X bus mentioned in the WSCT (February 8).

This is barely a service as it is only run once a day at 07.22 in the morning, from Horsham Railway Station to Guildford.

Yes it misses Slinfold but then rambles on through Cranleigh.

There is NO 63X service at any other time of the day, even during the end of day rush hour going from Guildford to Horsham.

Anyone commuting has to wend their way back through Cranleigh and Slinfold on the 63 bus.

However, the X1 is an excellent service from Horsham to Guildford on the A281 but it has not had enough publicity.

It is used by many passengers, but would be used by many more if Arriva publicised it more vigorously.

An online petition I started to save the X1 has already, within three days, got close on 500 signatures.

With the support of your readers we can prevent the closure of this faster route.

Thousands of houses are being built in villages along this road from Alfold, Rudgwick and Broadbridge Heath.

This adds more traffic to the already congested A281.

Buses take cars off the road and therefore reduce pollution.

All deserve a better service between the commuter towns of Horsham and Guildford.

Marilyn Quail

Kilnfield Road, Rudgwick