LETTER: Best jazz guitar I’ve ever heard

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Your letters

I am writing to say how much I agree with most of what Chris Grunsell said in his letter last week regarding young Jess Lewis.

Jess plays regularly on the Carfax and it is always an immense pleasure to listen to her.

What has struck me as incredible is that this young lady is a mere 18 years old and has been playing guitar for less than four years, yet she has a mastery of the instrument that precious few ever have, no matter how long they play.

I know that the good people at the Horsham Enoteca were in raptures over her guitar playing and feel, as do I, that she needs someone who can open doors for her to become more widely known.

So, if there is some local person who is in the music business and can take Jess under their wing, it would be so good, for such a talent should not be wasted.

The only cavil I have is with Chris’s view that Jess plays the best jazz guitar he’s ever heard. When I spoke with Jess, I asked her who her inspiration was, was it Django Reinhardt? No, she replied, it was Wes Montgomery.

Now, I’m sorry, Chris, but I don’t think Jess is quite in Montgomery’s class - not just yet! And there’s another thing - how many 18 year olds have ever heard of Wes Montgomery? Precious few, I’d wager.

Peter Head

Croft Way, Horsham