Letter: Barrier system is the solution

Yet again parking in Jengers Mead at Billingshurst has made the pages of the County Times.

I’m sorry that councillor Circus (County Times April 25) received a parking ticket, for performing a charitable act, while taking articles to the charity shop.

However I’m gobsmacked that, as a councillor, he did not know about the parking in Billingshurst and of the over-zealous wardens that patrol the car park.

The publicity that his ticket has

produced is unhelpful to the business community, undermines the work carried out by Billingshurst Community Partnership and Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce to promote Billingshurst.

It is estimated, by shopkeepers, that between 30 to 40 tickets are issued in Jengers Mead each week.

At £90 if the fine is paid in full or £ 45 if the fine is paid within 14

days, the turnover from fines alone is between a minimum of £70,200 and a maximum of £187,200 per annum.

There is a simple solution to the unfair ticketing of people wishing to park in Jengers Mead.

This is for the owner of the car park to put up entry and exit barriers. If these were present you would know that when you enter the car park you will need to pay.

You could then get change for the ticket, if required and would only need to pay for the length of your stay.

Modern machines would allow people using the council car park, off Jengers Mead, residents and season ticket holders to exit with their permits.

If the owners of the Jengers Mead car park truly want to operate it as a car park and not as

a way of making revenue through fines the barrier system must be the way they should go.

I am sure if this measure was introduced you would see the car park generate greater revenue through being busier and Billingshurst return to being the vibrant village it was a few years ago.


Park and Brown Optometrists, High Street, Billingshurst