LETTER: As Churchill said,‘Trust the people’

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Your letters

I could not help thinking that the photograph of HDC leader, Cllr Ray Dawe which appeared in last week’s County Times (May 1st), reminded me of Sergeant Wilson of Dad’s Army fame. He has that lean, haunted look as if he were reflecting, ‘Do you think that was awfully wise’?

Perhaps he was caught on camera at a moment when he finally realised the irreversible damage he and his cabal of cabinet colleagues have inflicted on our much loved town of Horsham.

Maybe at long last, the penny has dropped and feelings of doubt have finally penetrated his self-confessed thick skin - which he claims is an essential quality for an elected councillor. Who knows?

Surely the quality one looks for an a great politician - be it national or local - is the ability to recognise one’s mistakes and make amends - remembering that his or her first duty is to their electorate.

As Winston Churchill said on numerous occasions, ‘Trust the people’.

And here I would respectfully ask Cllr Dawe to do just that.


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham