LETTER: Arguments should be based on facts

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Your letters

We moved into the area in 2009 and within two weeks discovered that Southwater was threatened with massive development, despite the obviously extensive development of previous decades.

We have been helping to fight for what is left of our green fields and ancient woodland ever since. We are in the same boat as the whole Horsham area - trying to protect the countryside, that we value so much, from development. I would therefore like to correct some incorrect statements from a letter in your paper last week.

1. Mrs.I. Thirkettle described the ‘suitable housing site on the brownfields in Southwater’. This is WRONG. Our ‘site’ is actually a successful beef cattle farm on beautiful green fields with ancient hedgerows and woodland.

2. She also says that ‘there is a documented need for a new secondary school in Southwater’. Again this is WRONG. This statement was challenged by Southwater residents and found to be incorrect. Mr Peter Griffiths (county councillor for Education) stated publicly at the end of 2012 that there was no established need for a school in Southwater.

3. She also lists the villages that would lose elegibility for their children to attend Millais and Forest. Where has she found this information please? We cannot find this statement in any official statements.

We are all entitled to our opinions and are free to express them as strongly as we like but please, please base them on real facts and evidence. We can then hold a proper debate and discuss this worrying issue in an informed manner.

Polly and Mick Purton

Two Mile Ash Road, Horsham