LETTER: Arguments have no focus

Your letters
Your letters

I write to totally support the comments made by your columnist, Nik Butler, in the County Times of September 5.

He is absolutely right in that the discussion about the proposal for houses and business park north of the A264 has no focus. In both this newspaper and on the council’s website, comments are highly predictable and based almost entirely on inaccurate or imagined information.

No one seems to have read the council consultation information or the fact that this isn’t just about building houses but an attempt to answer a Government requirement for viable economic development accompanied by a need for more housing.

To give some examples of points that are constantly raised by objectors:

Schools and the catchment area - there is nothing anywhere to say that a child from existing houses in north Horsham will not continue to have the ability to go Millais or Forest.

There is nothing anywhere to say that Littlehaven station will close or have a diminished service - if the demand is there Southern will want to provide a service.

Facilities - there are no final or detailed plans for the development so any comment about the nature of doctors or shops to be provided is entirely premature and only speculation.

Paul Sharp

Kings Road, Horsham