LETTER: Appeal for photos of farm centres

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Your letters

During my trawl through various sites researching my family tree for many years now,I came across reference to Wedges and Coopers Farms, Itchingfield, where during the period of the years 1945/1948 I was sent there for recuperation.

The site I came across contained a photo of children during 1947, with a teacher in the centre.

Now I wonder if any of your readers have similar photos of that period, my memory is hazy about names and events during my time there, but it would be of tremendous interest to me to see any photos of that time if my life. I have been in touch with the very splendid record office in Chichester, but alas no photos of the children sent there.

I thought we were there for such things as illness, malnutrition, because of our diets then during that period of scarcity, but good days of our youth, playing among the fields, the forest, and our wonderful Horsham Park.

So, dear readers, any photos you could help me with? Also any photos of the Telegram boys, we were riding motorcycles, two-fifty size but then BSA Bantams, due to accident of one of our members.

Many thanks - please contact me via email at terry.brown4@me.com


Wheatsheaf Close, Horsham