LETTER: Appalling roads are made worse

Please picture a scene if you will of a meeting of the management team of the West Sussex County Council Highways Department.

The question is asked, ‘how shall we spend this year’s highways budget?’

Our roads are an appalling disgrace, falling apart, full of potholes, ridges and drains and manholes that are either dangerously protruding or massively sunken.

But let’s not worry about that, let us spend the hardworking, taxpaying public’s money on tarring and chipping some of our better roads. That will teach them to buy cars with their own money and then have the audacity to drive them on our roads.

This appears to be the attitude of the county council.

We will, of course, hear the usual platitudes that tarring and chipping prolongs the life of our roads but, as any engineer worth his salt will tell you, this is rubbish.

WSCC has just tarred and chipped Billingshurst High Street. Aside from the fact that it has made the most appalling job of it, it is perhaps one of the most stupid things it has done. People shopping have been covered in dust, sprayed with chippings and got tar on their shoes and that is on the pavements. Any car driven on the High Street will have suffered a similar or worse fate.

The council, tarred and chipped our residential road many years ago and we still get wet tar on any warm and sunny day.

The council doesn’t learn, won’t listen and worse of all doesn’t care.


Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst