LETTER: Angry voters have had enough

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It was interesting to read in the national press that the Tory Secretary of State responsible for Local Government, Eric Pickles, has now woken up to the fact that his policy of alleged ‘localism’ has resulted in a doubling of building sites on ‘green land’ since his Party came to power – contrary to the wishes of local people.

It is getting worse because the inspection system often over-rides refusals given to developers by elected councillors.

Ah! But the general election is just around the corner and this blunt Yorkshireman has worked it out at last that angry voters have had enough. Indeed farsighted councillors are telling Mr Pickles that housing targets being imposed on their councils are unattainable based on past evidence in the good times when the economy was at its height.

Not sure that our council led by Cllr Dawe, and his deputy Helena Croft, is ‘farsighted’ – rather more intent on doing this Government’s bidding and rolling over with housing target of 650 houses per annum that will not be achieved, will destroy green land and does not use up all available brownfield sites first.

Perhaps Cllr Dawe in his fortnightly column could tell us all what action he has taken to tell Mr Pickles enough is enough - our annual target of 650 housing pa set down in his flawed and the HDC planned targets have to be adjusted downwards - substantially.


Tennyson Close, Horsham