Letter: Air quality

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Your views

Following last week’s headlines of Queens Square dying of a broken heart, Crawley Borough Council is currently conducting a consultation on air quality that confirms that the town’s life providing arteries are congested and polluted.

This consultation ends on March 13.The monitoring of Crawley’s air pollution is almost totally linked to the airport with just a few monitoring units away from the airport boundary.

However, Crawley’s air pollution problems, widely accepted as cause for high incidence of respiratory problems, is caused by the volume of road traffic on congested roads all across the town. This current consultation is focussed on the area and arterial roads radiating from the Crawley and Hazelwick Avenue and Gatwick Road flyover and roundabout.

The area being suggested for a legally required AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) includes traffic dispersal along: Crawley Avenue to the Tushmore Roundabout, Hazelwick Avenue to close to Haslett Avenue and Northgate Avenue to Woodfield Rd. All of these areas end at junctions where traffic naturally increases therefore suggesting that pollution levels would at minimum continue all the way into and around the town.

I believe that with the acceptance of the issue for the current area in question CBC should undertake a full monitoring process for all Crawley’s arterial and contributory roads.

Residents living along these roads should consider responding to this consultation with their views and concerns. The web address is: www.crawley.gov.uk/pw/Environment_and_Health/Environmental_Health/Pollution/index.htm or you can email pollution@crawley.gov.uk.

D Meakings, Crawley