LETTER: Access to care is an election issue

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Your letters

With all the discussion regarding so many homes being built and so many more under consideration as well as the shadow of a proposed second runway at Gatwick Airport I think it could be time to bring our NHS hospital to the front of the agenda.

Many people I speak to have said how satisfied they were and still are on the performance of our now local A&E and hospital at East Surrey.

Now our Horsham MP has retired nothing seems to have happened on his watch, although he did try to prevent the cancellation of transport direct from Horsham Hospital via Crawley to East Surrey. This was ideal for staff, patients and visitors and was much appreciated.

Nothing seems to be on the horizon regarding our own hospital so perhaps rather than keep waiting for a pipedream a more determined effort is needed to help ourselves into getting direct transport organised. While appreciating Horsham is considered an affluent area, still so many do not have access to vehicles and car park charges.

It only seems the journey is difficult but is worthwhile when you arrive.

Having contacted our local council and bus companies if it could be possible to slightly adjust their routes to enable us to get to all of our hospitals in some meaningful way as even Haywards Heath, Brighton and Guildford are also a real problem. Nothing could be done at present was a universal answer. Even though people have been on the moon.

Now at last we have a great opportunity to put the case as national and local elections will be taking place and to see if any of the proposed MPs and councillors will grasp the nettle and take this forward.

Although we are well served by volunteers and local charities it only seems this problem will be solved by continued interest in Horsham and district residents continuing to ask.

Budgets are tight everywhere, what can be done? Really looking forward to responses in our West Sussex County Times.


Cavendish Close, Horsham