Letter: A job well done

Your views
Your views

My wife being disabled has now got to the stage where she needed a wet room and better wheel chair access to the front door, so help was needed.

So first we get Angela from Independent Living.Yes ,she says , Ann does need this. I will now put you in the hands of Chris from Crawley Borough Council.

He tells us this all can be done, subject to us paying a share of the cost. This to decided according to our means and it was.Then Access Mobility came. They said if all is straight forward they can do the wet room in 10 working days, it was not straight forward but the wet room was done in 10 working days.

Then Keymer came in, out with old door and frame, and in with the new, followed by Access who put the ramp in. This work involved seven different tradesmen all good at their job, polite and tidy. My wife and I would like to say thank you.

Ernie Cave, Crawley