Letter: 18 months of disruption in Haywards Heath

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Your letters

“Motorists face 18 weeks of disruption on one of Haywards Heath’s busiest routes” said the Middy headlines. However, is this a precursor of what we can expect in the future and possibly permanently?

Already on a given day the four main entry points to Haywards Heath and environs can become a grid-lock, more and more side roads are becoming car parks especially for users of the railway station, the station car park and all others within walking distance of the station or shops are full to bursting point; throw in the ever increasing use of the side roads as ‘rat runs’ as drivers look to get in or out of the town or circumnavigate the hold ups and we are starting to grind to a halt.

This then leads on to the major works likely to start in and around the station with its upgrade, the prospect of the building of a new supermarket and with it the closure of the existing station car park. The streets in that area can barely cope now so there is no chance of avoiding something far greater than “18 weeks disruption”.

You then ask the question, “Where will all the cars park without a car park whilst the building is going on and where will all the taxis lay-up without a suitable spot”?

One assumes the already congested side streets.

Not wanting to prolong this unfortunate picture anymore than necessary, but with the actual, planned and proposed house building for Haywards Heath and surrounding areas adding to the mix with the impact of construction vehicles, road works and an ever increasing population trying to go about their daily business, it will change the face of this lovely town for ever and ‘18 weeks of disruption’ will have felt like nothing.

Is there no entity looking after the town, its surrounding villages and the general public who no longer appear to have any democratic say in the way their world is run?

Alan Prestwich