Leave the pigs where they are

I live in Bramber. I have farmed all my life and kept and bred pigs outside.I have not been up to see them, too old now. Can see them, and I like to see them.The downs only look as they do, because they have been managed for over 1000 years otherwise they would be full of brambles and weeds and would be impossible to walk or ride on.

Pigs kept inside in big sheds would have to be docked - ie tails cut off and sometimes their ears as well. Pigs like their own space - otherwise they get bored and fight so to try and stop them hurting themselves they have have to be docked etc. People like to eat happy pork but don’t like to see pigs running around.

Pigs smell,so do sheep, cattle,horses,and we smell to; it is a fact of life.

The country is usualy dirty and smelly. When the pigs leave, the land will be in better heart than it was before and will grow super grass.

Leave the pigs where they are, if you don’t like them move, plenty of people would love to live where you are.

A Miles