It is a disgrace that a main link road is allowed to become so bad

I feel compelled to write to you regarding the ongoing closure of the A29 at Shripney following the recent floods.

I would like to ask how is it acceptable that this vital link from Bognor Regis is allowed to be disregarded instead of getting it up and running again?

The floodwater that affected the A259 at Felpham floods in Yapton, Elmer,Oving and Barnham have long since been dealt with, yet the A29 remains shut.

The traffic building up at rush hour on the A259 out of Bognor towards Chichester is just terrible - with delays of up to 40 mins to get from the ambulance station to the pink pub at Chalcraft Lane.

I find it ironic that in all my years of living in Bognor that the A259 Outside the Esso garage has never flooded like it did last monday, even in the floods of 1994 when the army was brough in to build bridges. Perhaps this is because of the 600 new homes built on a flood plain? The residents who opposed this scheme when it was proposed have every right to tell the authorities “we told you so”.

The extra traffic generated by these new homes have caused Bognor to gridlock every time the A29 has been closed. We just do not have the infrastructure in place.

The A29 has always been a problem, but never can I recall it being shut for so long or the water to be so deep before site six was built upon. I feel that the authorities just find it easier to just close the road than get on and solve it’s problems - perhaps some of the extra revenue from the new homes could be put towards this? The rife is rarely maintained and is chock full of rubbish and weeds in many places. It is a disgrace that a main link into Bognor is allowed to become this bad. No wonder business don’t seem to want to come here and we have so many empty shops and units, logistics is a nightmare.

Jeannette Douglas

Bognor Regis