Inspiration out of devastation

‘The Impossible’ film, shown throughout January at cinemas, has brought home, once again, the awfulness of the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami.

‘BEATS’ (‘British Earthquake And Tsunami Support’) is a Bosham-based charity that was founded by members of St John’s Church, Southbourne, in the wake of this disaster to help victims of this and future tsunamis and earthquakes.

BEATS is a small charity, partnering with two Indonesian charities – YACAN and YASAH, both of whom run orphanages.

YACAN runs a small orphanage in Medan Indonesia, and BEATS provide child sponsorship from individuals and families in the UK. Sponsorship is also provided for children of Aceh, the worst hit area from the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami.

YASAH is a large orphanage of over 100 children on the outskirts of Medan Indonesia, with eight classrooms, where BEATS provide sponsorship for 23 qualified teachers.

Sponsorship comes from schools, teachers, groups and individuals in the UK, so that all

the children receive a good education.

Sarah Page, who is chair of BEATS and who grew up in Horsham, has visited the projects on a number of occasions and is now trying to learn the language

She is impressed by the developments that are taking place and the positive difference that, through BEATS, supporters in England are making to the lives of 170 children in Medan and Aceh. She said: “The children, their families and our partners in Indonesia are very grateful for the regular contact and care from people in England.”

BEATS have raised £500 per month of regular sponsorship for teachers at YASAH orphanage and are keen to raise the other £500 as quickly as possible to reach the target of £1,000 per month.

If you would like to sponsor a teacher by regular giving (minimum £2.00 per month) or a lump sum donation get in touch with BEATS. Because BEATS is a small charity with minimal expenses, you can be sure that 100 per cent of your donation will reach its target.

(Alternatively, you may wish to

sponsor a child at YACAN orphanage (minimum (£5.00 per month).

YASAH orphanage is also hoping that someone will want to make a large donation of about £30,000 to build technology/science classrooms so that the children can have practical lessons as well as text book lessons. When the children, most of whom are from very poor backgrounds, have received a good education, they will have a much better chance of securing a good career and helping not only themselves but also their families.

More information about the work of BEATS can be found on the website at: or email:

Or phone/text 079 40 45 44 20. Cheques, made payable to ‘BEATS’ can be sent to 47 Arnold Way, Bosham. PO18 8NJ. (Please include your email or phone number or address). Or donate via JustTextGiving by texting anak12 £_ to 70070.


BEATS Trustee, Farhalls Crescent, Horsham