Have we lost fear of God?

THANK you for publishing letters in the September 26 edition about destruction threatened by recent proposals of construction. Were grounds of objection self-evident (unsuitable location, excessive size, abuse of space, etc)? Would erosion of countryside, obliteration of native cultures and crass architecture amount to sensory deprivation, psychological warfare and ethnic-cultural cleansing? Have our leaders forgotten the purpose of the Town and Country Planning Acts?

Has history proved that intellectual collapse precedes the moral collapse of a country? In the case of Britain, did that collapse occur with the triumph of Darwinism, in particular, of Social-Darwinism, over the Social Reign of Jesus Christ? Has modern society lost its fear of God?

Should our leaders repent of their belief in “survival of the fittest”? Who survives? The fittest! Who are the fittest? Those, who survive!

Christopher Mill

West Chiltington