Has the world gone mad?

I went to Brighton on Sunday 12 August for the day. After lunch my wife and I bought some papers and sat on the beach to relax.

My attention was caught by a letter (WSG August 8: ‘Dog owners who won’t pick up after their pets should be shot.’

I was surprised to read that one of your readers was so outraged by people who don’t pick up their dog’s mess that he would gladly shoot them if someone would give him permission. Has the world gone mad?

I have some questions that should be ask before considering his request. What training does the reader have in camouflaging himself? What would his hit rate be? Would we need to display a ‘dog fouling owner will be shot’ signs? Would his services be free or would he charge? Would he be using a silencer as we don’t want to frighten the animals living in the woods? Does he have a licence to carry a firearm and has he ever discussed these feelings with his local police officers?

With over 80 per cent of dog owners taking home their dog’s waste and disposing of it properly, we should thank them for their efforts and encourage more dog walkers to do the same.

Perhaps the grumpy letter writer could just ask the lazy dog walkers he sees that don’t pick up their dog’s mess to pick it up rather than taking out contracts on these careless dog owners.

Surely it would be much better to train the dogs to do their business in plastic bags and then carry it home for the lazy dog owners. If you just shoot the lazzy dog owners the dogs will go on doing what dogs do.

Just to inform readers, wild hedgehog numbers are falling in the West Sussex Gazette area - they are finding it increasingly hard to find food, but they eat this waste - so it’s not all bad.

PS I haven’t laughed so much for a long time.

Tom Mccann

Seaford Gardens