Goodbye to democracy and welcome to the new world order

MAY I comment on the letter of Richard Ashworth MEP in the West Sussex Gazette of August 1? He is right when he talks of a “new focus at the creation of reservoirs.”

He might have added that it would also be a good idea to repair some of the leaking pipes, but that is not EU policy.

On the pretext that global warming would cause droughts in the EU, five years ago the European Commission issued “Communication” COM (2007) 414. The Commission’s answer to the drought problem - which has yet to materialize - is that we should use less water and, rather than stopping leaks and building reservoirs, spend the money instead on improving even further the excellent quality of our water.

We now understand why last year the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, vetoed Thames Water’s plan for a vast new reservoir near Abingdon. The EU’s answer to water shortages will probably cause the problem it was designed to solve.

Mr Ashworth’s letter also mentions the Environment Agency’s projected rises in temperature by 2050. The “science” underpinning the great global warming scare has beeen thoroughly discredited in the following books: ‘Scared to Death’ by Booker and North (ISBN 978-0-8264-8614-1); ‘Watermelons’ by James Delingpole (ISBN 978-1-84954-217-3).

These books are well written, well documented and fun to read.

So why does the scare live on? Here’s what EU president Herman Van Rompay said in Brussels on December 9 2009: “2009 is the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of a financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the management of our planet.”

There we have it: global warming for global governance. Goodbye democracy and welcome to the New World Order.

John Strange

Gorse Avenue