Global humbug

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WHY perpetuate this fatuous debate about Global Warming. (C Law WSG, Nov 2). The outcome must be the same either way.

Oil and gas are depleting resources, and renewables are essential in the long term. Renewables tend to be green, which is what any sensible person will want.

What we must not do is to swamp the country with wind farms, for by that fact would not be at all ‘green’.

Vast wind farms are only required by a country that is overpopulated, which is again not at all ‘green’.

This country needs a stable population, and preferably near to 40 million, if the countryside, towns and villages are to be respected, which they are not at present.

And what is the government doing? So far it is promoting renewables as little better than an additional form of energy.

Even now large shale deposits in Yorkshire are being investigated, for gas, and yet another source of pollution and CO2 may be used to last drop.

RW Standing

Sea Road, East Preston