Getting the children off with a good meal

I ENJOYED reading the article on breakfast habits in the West Sussex Gazette (WSG February 6) and realise I need to get up that little bit earlier to ensure my kids have time to eat a decent breakfast - ie not toast on the run!

Bury C of E Primary School highlighted the importance of a farmhouse breakfast with Rosemary Moon - local chef and food writer using local produce last week. (See photos, page 7 - Ed).

Thanks to local business donations from from Arundel Butchers, Pallant of Arundel, Rookery Farms, Turner’s Diary and Waitrose Storrington the children tucked into homemade pancakes, eggs, bacon, cheese and yogurts.

My daughter loved taking part in preparing the food and eating with her friends.

Given the recent Press on meat sources I will be encourage to go my local shops to know where the produce comes from.

It was a great lesson for the children and a lesson for me to get my kids sitting at the table in the morning.

I will not enjoy an even earlier start but the rewards in conversation and knowing they are well fed before a busy day will be great!

A breakfast convert - bring on the porridge!

Lucy Ashworth