Feedback over riverside walk

Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) held two very well attended exhibitions over the weekends of March 16 and 17 in Swan Walk shopping centre and then on March 23 and 24 at Warnham Nature Reserve.

The exhibitions highlighted the major project of the enhancement of the Horsham Riverside Walk.

The HTCP project team is working in partnership with Horsham District Council and voluntary organisations to make better amenity value of the walk whilst retaining its rural character.

Fund applications have gone in and we are waiting to hear if we are successful in our applications.

The project entails the installation of new and more coherent way marker signage which will be easier and clearer to see from a distance.

Benches (both ergonomic with armrests to help less mobile users) and some of a more rustic type will be installed at suitable points.

Interpretation boards showing the route with also the nature and historical elements to be seen will be put in place at points along the walk. Wherever possible and practical, the installation of a safe, all-weather durable walking surface is hoped to make walking easier.

The exhibitions gave lots of information on the project and we received a very large amount of very positive comments and feedback on the project.

HTCP would like to thank everyone that was able to come along and speak to us.

Many people left contact details with us and we will be getting in touch to let everyone know how the project is progressing.

If you would like more information contact us on: or call 07761 735 139 or visit our website:

or see us on Facebook.


Chair, HTCP, Wimblehurst Road, Horsham